EDTE 200 Introduction to Montessori Education
Clock Hours: 45

Major topics covered in this course are a historical overview of the Montessori Method and comparison of Montessori to other methods of early childhood education; study of Montessori concepts of normalization, development of intelligence, discipline, concentration, coordination, order and independence, the Montessori classroom, the role of the teacher, and lesson presentation to children.

EDTE 201 Foundations of Elementary Education
Clock Hours: 30

Major topics covered in this course are historical overview, formative periods, development of intelligence, normalization, discipline, order, imagination, role of the teacher, lesson preparation and comparative studies.

EDTE 202 Lower Elementary Methods and Curriculum-History/Geography
Clock Hours: 60

Major topics covered in this course are the materials and exercises in the field of history and geography as they relate to the core cosmic curriculum. Basic work in the concept of time is presented through numerous Time Lines. Students will learn lessons to these Time Line activities and experiments to go along with them. Students will learn lessons in Geography to include: land and water forms, presentations of globes and maps,formation of the universe, stars, solar system, volcanism, stratification, erosion, gravity, velocity, and inertia. The seven continents are studied in detail.

EDTE 203 Lower Elementary Methods and Curriculum-Life Sciences
Clock Hours: 45

Major topics in this course are the materials and exercises in Zoology and Botany as part of the core cosmic curriculum. Students will learn lessons in Zoology teaching the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates, the five classes of vertebrates, their skeletal structure, physical characteristics of vertebrates and invertebrates and animal classification. Students will also learn lessons in Botany teaching the life cycle of plants, parts of plants, needs of plants, and plant classification.

EDTE 204 Lower Elementary Methods and Curriculum-Language/Literacy
Clock Hours: 60

Students learn a sequence in teaching reading including phonetics, sight words, and beginning readers. They are presented with a variety of supplementary activities to reinforce reading skills. Using a variety of concrete materials, teachers learn to present the basic parts of speech and their function through symbols. Included in the study of language is the structure analysis of sentences, the history of the English language, etymology, affixes, verb conjugations, transitive and intransitive verbs, etc.

EDTE 205 Lower Elementary Methods and Curriculum-Mathematics/Geometry
Clock Hours: 75

Major topics covered in this course are the materials and exercises in mathematics and geometry as part of the core cosmic curriculum.  Students will learn Math lessons teaching place value, basic operations, properties, binomials and trinomials, powers of numbers, squaring, etc. Students will also learn Geometry lessons teaching basic shapes and solids, angles, intersections of lines, construction of polygons, triangles, angle measurement and operations with, etc.

EDTE 206 Lower Elementary Methods and Curriculum-Supplementary Subjects
Clock Hours: 45

This course begins with an overview in order to gain understanding about the importance of this area in education of the whole child. Students then move to explore the five subjects in this section of the program; practical life, art, music, physical education, and computers in the classroom.

EDTE 207 Classroom Leadership and Environmental Design
Clock Hours: 30

Major topics covered in the course are preparation of the environment, curriculum planning, daily scheduling, class meetings, promoting choices, tracking progress, discipline, workbooks, homework, field trips, nurturing the child, and promoting success.

EDTE 208 School Administration
Clock Hours: 15

Major topics covered in the course are parent meetings, parent conferences, accurate observations, and reporting.

EDTE 209 Elementary Practicum
Clock Hours: 1080

During this course an organizational assignment of 8 monthly reports and a year-end summary are submitted by the intern. These assignments will provide the student with the opportunity for personal and practical experiences as a Montessori teacher in the cosmic curriculum at the elementary level.

EDTE 210 Upper Elementary Methods and Curriculum
Clock Hours: 240

Major topics in this course are the philosophy, materials and exercises specifically designed for the older Elementary age child. Lessons will include the following subject areas: Language, Math, Geometry, Economics, History, Geography, Science, Classroom Management, Environmental Design, and Philosophy.